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Come Discover USC! During my visit that is last to Metro DC area

Come Di<span id="more-1118"></span>scover USC! During my visit that is last to Metro DC area we worked at one of our Discover USC programs. We host these programs for prospective pupils around the world in order that students and families gain information that is helpful USC and our application process. Although we might love for everyone to see USC, we realize it’s not feasible, so we take to our most useful to bring a bit of USC to you!

During Discover programs we hope to provide ourselves as organized and professional. That generally means we appear extra-early, run around like crazy people making certain the brochures we sent in advance have actually arrived, curse at non-functioning technology, and now have the hotel manager’s number on speed dial. Luckily for me, this time in D.C., there was no digging through offices and mail rooms to locate our boxes of materials, our Power Point miraculously worked, and we were prepared to get ahead of the first family arrived (there is always one that arrives at least a half hour early!) We realize that families invest a lot of the time information that is attending, touring campuses, and filling down applications, so you want to ensure we are providing the most useful information within the most efficient way at all our events. We usually also have some wonderful USC alums lend a tactile hand when they are available. I constantly question my entire life choices when I tune in to exactly what our alums are up to. Law school at Georgetown…working for the CIA….no big deal.

I was scheduled to speak briefly at this program. A big section of my task is presenting and public speaking; I give presentations to students in auditoriums, classrooms, and career centers on a regular basis. So I am generally very comfortable talking up to a group. That stuff doesn’t faze me anymore. Nonetheless, put me in a hotel ball room with the Dean of Admission (my boss’s boss’s boss) and have me to speak, and I also’ll feel a bit stressed ( just a tad!)

It was great to see several familiar faces of students I had met at high schools that week. I talked with one family members who’d driven about four hours to wait! That you have to make that sacrifice while we loved that the family was there, please don’t feel. Near you, please feel free to just let your admission counselor know that you want more information but can’t attend a Discover program if we aren’t coming to a city.

Once our presentation that is formal is there’s a chance to ask questions and hear from admission counselors from academic departments. Pupils can split into groups according to area of interest and get major questions that are related well. I heard from many families who have been having their first experience with USC that evening. Several other parents shared with me personally that they had currently been to USC, but they learned something new which somehow changed their perspective in the university application process or about USC. We additionally spoke with a parent who appeared to have some information that is outdated USC or had accumulated some information based on somebody else’s experience. This is an opportunity that is great moms and dads to recharge their knowledge and discover about present day USC.

One of many last, plus one of the best, comments I been aware of the night was ‘now I understand why everybody has a great deal school spirit!’ A job well done on our component.

If we are coming to a town in your area, or if you will end up in Los Angeles on November 22nd, please come visit us at Discover USC! Maybe you are going to learn something new…you never know!

Mythbuster: the SAT can be taken by me or ACT right before the admission deadline


The Myth: we can take the SAT or ACT right before the admission due date plus it will be fine.

The Verdict: Not a great idea. The test might not allow it to be into your application in time for review.

With our December 1 deadline approaching, it’s almost that time of year when our office is delivered thousands of applications, transcripts, test scores and letters of recommendation. Honestly, it is amazing that everything gets placed into every single student’s application file given the volume that is high of we receive.

It’s essential to know that it takes an amount that is significant of for all application materials to be organized and downloaded into a pupil’s application file- especially test scores. Think about this. SAT and ACT offer specific test times and dates. Then they need certainly to score those tests, deliver you your rating, and then send the score to any or all the colleges on your list. This takes a huge amount of time on the end, also it takes many weeks on our end to download and process the ratings.

It can take up to two weeks from the moment the test is scored to be downloaded into your application file if you take a standardized test right before the admission deadline. That could be too late. Our staff has from 1 until early January to review ALL the applications submitted by our December 1 merit scholarship deadline december. We shall accept ratings that are submitted after the deadline, but remember we require formal test scores before we could review a student’s application.

You will also want to make sure you request all of one’s other application materials to be sent on time. Your school is quite busy at this time of year while they send transcripts to hundreds of colleges. On top of grading tests and papers, your teachers are composing letters of recommendation for you on their own time. You will shmoop english paper writing service wish to provide everyone else advance notice of admission deadlines so when they need to submit materials on your behalf. Your instructors and counselors will really relish it! Them plenty of time, they will be able to get us your transcript in a timely manner and write thoughtful recommendations if you give.

You shall have the ability to always check on the application materials during your portal. Remember that we are processing hundreds of a huge number of papers, so any application pieces you submit won’t arrive in your portal instantly. Please wait a business that is few before calling us if it looks like something is missing.

Application processing is just a task that is huge a lot of moving parts. The ship will sail efficiently if students take care of their application materials in advance, and at the same time things can get rocky and fall through the cracks if documents and materials are sent late. We thank you in advance for being submitting and courteous most of the application materials on time!

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