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ALL students were covered by academic (in content, form and structure) TYPE of education.

ALL students were covered by academic (in content, form and structure) TYPE of education.

But there is nothing here that would automatically make all students, no matter how they feel about learning, good and competent school graduates.

The quality of education in relation to the student and the eye "Oh, how interesting!" or "Oh, what a teacher" the weather in terms of quality of training does not and never will.

The guarantor of quality are the forms of motivation that come from the rules of adult life, ie those social orders that will then determine the graduates of their various social status.

And here the achieved level of education will be decisive, but provided that social rules are not distorted by impunity for fraud, bribery, nepotism, the shadow economy.

We have big problems with this, and therefore, with the truth of life that prevails now, a student motivated to learn will be the exception to the rule.

I am sad, because I had to work with foreign lyceum students, who were generally well motivated to study for real. Why? And because there the social order is not distorted, and therefore the decency and diligence of students is the rule.

Confirmation of the good quality of education of the local lyceum students was that I asked them at the beginning of the pair anything from the previously passed theory 123helpme.me, so only a unit of 45 students in the class could not give the correct answer. The local teachers do not usually ask them that, because no one gives them any marks for the knowledge of the theory as such – only for the ability to apply it (the theory).

And 45 students in a class is not a problem for anyone (Algeria is not as rich a country as France to afford classes of 30 students), because students are motivated plus in practical classes only half of them, and such classes are twice as many as lectures for study of theory.

By the way, there are areas of general secondary education at the stage of its senior level, for which gadgets or other carriers of abstract educational content, that "zero without a stick."

Our old education system is not better, but not worse than the systems of most countries. On its basis, including thanks to its graduates, it is possible to successfully achieve adequate time to modernize the content of education.

There is one obstacle to this – we stubbornly ignore what is nowhere in the world. including in the most successful countries, there is no such thing that in high school ALL students are covered by academic (in content, form and structure) TYPE of education.

Without going beyond this distorted "paradigm" (all subjects to all – in the academic style) no reforms will be successful, because nature will not allow all people (starting from high school) to grow up the same – academically prepared and academically thinking.

Not all the inhabitants of the planet (country) will be able to earn money for the latest and fashionable gadgets only through the development and training of the abstract type of intelligence, which is the first condition for obtaining a diploma of higher professional education (if the system is not distorted).

Some will have to do it with their hands, some with their feet, and some with their voice, and so on.

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Activities according to the new standards must be motivated materially and resource-provided

V. White: on the mechanism of introduction of the new Gosstandart

Author: Vladimir Bely, Deputy Director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

This blog by Viktor Gromov, among other things, raises public attention to the crucial issue for the Ukrainian nation about the mechanism of introduction of the new State Standard of Education.

For three years I have seen live half a thousand of our teachers from different parts of the former USSR, who are accustomed to teaching according to the authoritarian standard "leader – led", facing a radically opposite educational standard (democratic competence-productive learning) , from the first school. weeks successfully merged into the local terms of his foreign contract.

Without any special meetings or training sessions with them.

It was not their personal task not to be intimidated, because otherwise they would return home in 24 hours. The main thing is to be a normal expert in your subject, and the style and content of work within the walls of his institution necessary for the customer / owner is not a problem for any responsible and technologically disciplined employee.

Therefore, the question should not be discussed at all, whether the employee agrees with the standards of activity, whether he wants to work in accordance with them, and not hold "teeth" for their habits, which are more than inappropriate!

Of course, the activity according to the new standards should be both materially motivated and resource-provided. Somewhere, for example, the transition to a new quality of milk collected from farmers, which provides not only free grazing of cows on pastures, but also a technique that removes any contact of milk with the atmosphere and the hands of milkers.

Educational standard

In our case, a new standard, for example, primary education – "grazing" is, and technology – no.

One general definition (grazing field) of what a student should be able to do, and a similar list of general competencies, the goal is not to achieve any "dances" of teachers around students (ATTENTION) without a huge base of practical exercises, tasks, quality questions, creative tasks, samples of target student projects etc.

Our problem is that the employees of academic, methodological institutions and institutions of the IPPO system available in the system are not the ones who will be able to create such tasks. They may hold classes, seminars, conferences, or even educational camps for practicing educators to explain the nature and content of the new standards, but they cannot create the necessary base of new student tasks to implement the new standard. Evidence of the latter is a certain limited number of enthusiastic teachers who have been doing all this on their own for a long time.

Only here the problem is that nature cannot be outwitted – there are no more than 10-20% of workers in any sphere of activity, whose creative beginning is their way of life. No training will make others just as creative to "rivet" the necessary new tasks on their own, so that students learn according to a really new standard, but “


… There is hope, because almost all Ukrainian teachers who are still stuck in school are able to easily work in a new way, if the following two conditions are met:

first, there will be free access to the state base of educational materials on the application of program theory in the context of the new standard of productive-practical and competence-oriented education; second, the founder / owner of the institution will have the legal authority to act directly to terminate the contract with the appointed principal, in which teachers will ignore the obligation to comply with performance standards, and the principal, in turn, will do the same for teachers.

Evidence of the effectiveness of such an approach can serve as examples of UCU (Lviv) or the school "Athens" (Kyiv), and not only them. Or the history of reforming the Finnish school system, a slice of which this year the Ukrainian community will see on the example of those pilot schools in which invited Finnish specialists will moderate radical changes in one week. And this is evidenced by the natural tendency of our educators to discipline – they shout from bureaucratic oppression, and yet obediently write reports to local officials, although the Ministry of Education and Science has already released them.

Here, in Mr. Victor’s post, we are indirectly talking about such an important issue for the country as the appropriate use of millions of budget funds for education reform.

Espoir sans espoir.

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It is necessary to introduce into the work of the school an organizational resource that encourages students to discipline

V. White: on discipline and means of influence without nerves

Author: Vladimir Bely, Deputy Director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.


Sometimes, colleagues from other parts of Ukraine ask about “sanctions for violations of discipline, especially in middle school, because sometimes they just drop their hands – the age is such that children themselves do not know what is happening to them, and therefore need to set a framework, and those there is no framework. You will not put a bad grade in the journal of success for bad discipline. I know that in Poland, in addition to the magazine of success, there is also a magazine of discipline, and it is important, because with bad discipline you will not be taken by any lyceum, gymnasium or college. What is your vision for it to be not soviet, but effective? Thank you ".


Ordinary teachers should try to convince their environment (especially the head of the institution), and I will try to do so at the national level, in the need to introduce teachers and students the following organizational resource aimed at encouraging students to discipline during classes, which in times reduces the need for sanctions.

It consists in the fact that the institution has one classroom located next to the library, which is designed for students who can not "hold themselves in their hands" during the lesson. Any lesson.

In that room during lessons there is the next tutor / tutor / class. head. He sits there and quietly does his current business. The offending student is sometimes brought to the room and the student receives a textbook for him in the library, from which the student must read a certain segment and make a summary of what he has read.

The student’s parents are immediately informed about this case, and are also invited for an interview with the administration / psychologist in case of repetitions.

In addition, at the beginning of each lesson / pair, the headmaster or deputy headmaster puts a worksheet in front of the teacher with a weekly distribution of lessons and positions on attendance, tardiness or misconduct, and so on. The teacher makes the necessary entries in it. On their basis, the educator / class. the supervisor, firstly, contacts the parents, and secondly, records the "negative" scores of the student, which determine the final score for the trimester / semester of his level of educational and behavioral discipline / culture.

Initially, everyone has 12 points on this indicator, as well as all informed about the list adopted in the institution of what and for how much this primary value is removed.

This is the case in those countries of the world where it was necessary to learn live the organization of the work of CEE.