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IMSA50 pic.twitter.com/1z341wc8Q3 – Motorsports on NBC (@MotorsportsNBC) January 27, 201

IMSA50 pic.twitter.com/1z341wc8Q3 – Motorsports on NBC (@MotorsportsNBC) January 27, 201



With the podium and the celebration we said goodbye. A pleasure to count the victory of Fernando Alonso in the 24 hours of Daytona, greetings!

After extensive rainfall throughout the morning & afternoon, the 57th running of the # Rolex24 has been deemed official after 23 hours and 50 minutes. The overall race champion is @ WayneTaylorRcng’s No. 10 Konica Minolta DPi Cadillac. pic.twitter.com/w0FHhDr3Zd

– Rolex24Hours (@ Rolex24Hours) January 27, 2019


Confetti and group celebration over the car. The 4 winning pilots take out their flags.


Alonso is the third F1 world champion to win the 24 Hours of Daytona.


Fernando gets back in the car! It will take you to the podium area.


The key to the race: Nasr’s mistake with ten minutes before the arrival of the red flag. He’s going to remember that braking pass all his life …


This is how Fernando and his team found out about the victory:

The # Rolex24 is official.Congratulations to our class winners at @DISUpdates, and congrats to @alo_oficial, a winner at Le Mans and now Daytona! pic.twitter.com/R8H087PfYi

– Motorsports on NBC (@MotorsportsNBC) January 27, 2019


Celebration in the box of the Konica Minolta Cadillac No.10. Happiness. Alonso is the first driver in history to win at Monaco, Le Mans and Daytona.


FINAAAAAAAAL! The race is terminated. FERNANDO ALONSO AND HIS CADILLAC 10 https://worldbets.top/en/1xbet/ WIN THE 24 HOURS OF DAYTONA!


Less than ten minutes to go.


The Cadillac 10 team ready to celebrate victory. 

The # Rolex24 has tested @ WayneTaylorRcng’s endurance … and its patience.We continue to await the decision from IMSA. # IMSA50 pic.twitter.com/1z341wc8Q3

– Motorsports on NBC (@MotorsportsNBC) January 27, 2019


EYE! NBC announces that the race is over. It is NOT an official source.

.@alo_oficial is waiting for the decision. # IMSA50 # Rolex24 pic.twitter.com/CKIJX3noVm

– Motorsports on NBC (@MotorsportsNBC) January 27, 2019


Half an hour to go! Alonso closer to making his legend bigger.


The IMSA still does not give an official verdict. The clock keeps ticking. 34 minutes to go.


We are 4 minutes away from knowing the final verdict of race management. We can have a winner shortly … or resume the race half an hour to go. Although it rains hard again …


NBC colleagues take it with humor. They propose a running lap between Alonso, Nasr and Rossi. It’s not a bad idea…

If we’ve turned the last lap of the race with cars, here’s a proposal: end the # Rolex24 with the drivers racing on foot. One lap, @alo_oficial vs. @FelipeNasr and @AlexanderRossi. Thoughts? # IMSA50 pic.twitter.com/AfB2GhYEzI

– Motorsports on NBC (@MotorsportsNBC) January 27, 2019

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The Blaugrana player Filip Jicha underwent surgery for a torn internal meniscus in his right knee and the intervention was carried out successfully.


On 01/31/2017 at 7:31 PM CET


The Czech player has undergone an arthroscopy through which it has been possible to repair the serious injury he suffered while he was with the Czech Republic team to seek qualification for the 2018 European Championship.

The intervention took place at the Dexeus Institute with the collaboration of Mútua Egarsat and, according to the club’s statement, the result of the operation has been totally satisfactory

The Blaugrana left-back will remain out for six weeks after undergoing surgery according to the club’s predictions, so at the end of December the Czech player would already be at the disposal of Xavi Pascual, but with the stoppage due to the World Cup in France, where the Republic Czech has not qualified, it will not be until Granollers-Barça on February 4 when Jicha can return to the ranks of the Blaugrana team.

In total, he will miss seven games, three in the Champions League and four in the League, not counting the ones he has already signed off. 

It is what it is. Less than 48 hours after playing and losing at the Palau to CSKA in the Euroleague, Barça Lassa will have to do an exercise in funanbulism and change the chip on the fly to face the Endesa League, also on their court.


On at 21:18 CET

Albert Grace

The azulgrana team faces a dangerous Unicaja. Dangerous since in the match in Malaga Pesic’s team could not reap the victory. Thus, Barça Lassa is more than warned. 

A shock, by the way, that will enter the annals of the statistics of the Barcelona team. And it is that Barça Lassa will play its 1,500th match in the competition in the ACB era, being the first to reach this figure.

Follow Barça Lassa-Unicaja live



This is all from us! Until next time!


End of the game at the Palau! Barça Lassa beats Unicaja (94-83). 


Lessort’s foul on Oriola, who will have two free throws. 


Pass from Hanga to the Blazic dovecote and inside. 93-83. There are 22 seconds left in the game. Victory closer and closer. 


Follow his own Hanga. 16 points the Hungarian. Wiltjer’s response with another triple. 91-83. Subtract 1 minute from the game. 


Lessort bounce and layup. 89-80. 


Hanga’s subtle bomb. 89-78. 


Another trippy from Wiltjer! His pulse does not tremble. 87-78. 


More free kicks for Barça Lassa. Score a single free throw Hanga. 16-5 partial. 87-75. 


Wiltjer triple. 86-75. 


Write down both. 86-72. 


There was no 2 + 1 but Blazic will have free throws. 84-72 on the scoreboard with just over three minutes left in the game. 


Seraphin takes the free-kick from Lessort. 84-72. 


Seraphin scores both free throws. 84-72. 


Another triple at the Palau! Kuric Triple! 82-72. Partial 11-2. 

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FC Barcelona Lassa culminated its extraordinary journey through the group stage of the Champions League with a resounding victory at the Palau against Orlen Wisla Plock (36-28) that allows it to finish first in Group A and go directly to the quarterfinals.


On at 22:46 CET

David rubio







(17 + 19): Pérez de Vargas (p.), Víctor Tomás (7), Dika Mem, Sorhaindo (3), Viran Morros, Andersson (1), Valero Rivera (5.1p.) -Starting seven-, Syprzak (2), Ariño (5), N’Guessan (1), Raúl Entrerríos (2), Jallouz (4), Lazarov (6), Jicha and Noddesbo.


(15 + 13): Corrales (p.), Daszek (2), Ivic (7, 2p.), Rocha (4), Zhitnikov (2), Pusic (2), Mihic -starting seven-, Wichary (ps, 31′-46 ‘), Ghionea (3), Gebala (4), Wisniewski (1), Duarte (2), Tarabochia (1) and Kwiatkowski.


Fabian Baumgart and Sascha Wild (German). They excluded two minutes to the locals Dika Mem (14:48), Valero Rivera (46:32) and Syprzak (42:43); and to the visitors Racotea (22:38), Rocha (25:25 and 31:51) and Ivic (42:43 and 52:18).


2-1, 5-4, 8-6, 11-9, 14-12, 17-15 (rest), 19-16, 22-17, 27-17, 30-21, 31-25 and 36-28 (final).


Match corresponding to the 14th round of Group A of the Champions League played at the Palau Blaugrana before 3,855 spectators.

The Barça team needed victory to maintain at least the point of income that it had over PSG, which will be relegated to second place despite having a much higher budget.

Despite the good news that Barça Lassa avoids the round of 16, the bad news is that they will have a great rival in the quarterfinals. He will emerge from the fratricidal duel between two very powerful German teams: THW Kiel and Rhein Neckar-Löwen.

Another very negative aspect of the game is the injury suffered in the first minutes by Lasse Andersson. The Dane has damaged the external lateral ligament of his left knee, although at halftime the team doctor, the famous ‘Guti’, ruled out that the injury could be excessively serious … we will have to wait until Monday.

Wisla kept their options in the first half despite losing quite a bit of steam in the last 10 minutes. And in the second half he was at the mercy of a stellar Barça Lassa who is experiencing a very sweet moment of play.

With the Russian Zhilinkov as the main offensive argument, the Polish runner-up took the lead at 11 minutes (5-6) and provoked a fierce reaction from a local team that linked a 4-0 run and went 9-6 in the 15th minute. with a sensational Victor Tomás who already had five goals.

Between Rocha and Daszek they brought Wisla closer to just one goal (9-8) until two goals followed by an extremely inspired Lazarov set the highest income up to that point (16-12 in the 27 ‘). The break was reached with 17-15 in full boiling of Gebala.

The first 14 minutes of the second act were for framing. With a modern and intense handball, Barça Lassa pressed on defense and was able to run against an opponent who ended up giving up and saying goodbye to their options to go to the second round.

In fact, that 10-2 run with Valero Rivera and Lazarov on a stellar basis put the score at a huge 28-18 with the Palau surrendered to a team that does not finish making history.

Barça Lassa will look for a ticket to the quarterfinals against Wisla Plock

Follow Barça Lassa – Orlen Wisla Plock live

The logical Barça relaxation allowed the Poles to get closer to six goals (31-25). In the end, 36-28 and into the quarters. Of veneer the season of Xavi Pascual and his.

FC Barcelona Lassa is one step away from the League final after beating Palma Futsal in the penalty shootout with a providential break from Juanjo against Taffy and a final goal from Dyego.


On at 23:27 CEST

David rubio







(1 + 1 + 0 + 0): Juanjo (p.), Aicardo, Marcenio (1), Dyego, Ferrao (1) -starting five-, Sergio Lozano, Joselito, Adolfo, Esquerdinha, Arthur and Leo Santana.