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Clear And Unbiased Facts About Reverse Phone Number (Without All the Hype)

Iphone android phone tracking.

Scan multiple stations & never overlook an alarm with priority scan.

GPS tracking.

See the destination and every one the responders on a map.

Text Messages.

Send text messages to other responders, individually or to a group.

Get connected.

Live flow dispatch sound with our unique software.

Numerous stations.

Utilizing our customer uploader software, multiple channels of sound could be simultaneously broadcast.

Local archives.

Save all the sound to a community hard drive.

Numerous locations.

Install the uploader software in multiple locations, with each location able to ship several stations.


Throughout the administrator portal, each Organization can restrict access to the sound streams.

Mutual Aid.

Join up with other agencies, and share audio streams.


Control who is now a member, and with Administrator access.

How does this work?

Simply send the sound to our servers, then we care for the rest.

Upload the sound.

Using our software, the sound is uploaded. The software needs to be installed on a pc at location which has access to the sound you want to broadcast.

Our Servers.

The sound is sent to our servers for processing, in which it’s scanned instantly for tones. If tones are detected, the customers are alerted.

Smart Device.

Employing the iFirePager program, smart devices are connected to our servers. Listen to live music broadcasts in track mode, or change to alarm only way to simply get webpages.


There are two parts to the iFirePager service.

1) The program that runs on a wise device.

2) The software that uploads the sound to your own servers.



The iFirePager program, can be obtained on Android devices running version 8.1 or higher.


The iFirePager program, can be found on computers running Windows 10 version 1903 and higher.

Uploader Software.

The uploader software runs on the following Microsoft platforms:

Windows 10 v1607 and higher Windows 8.1 Windows 7 (service pack 1) Server 2008 R2 SP1 Server 2012 and R2 update Server 2016 v1803 and higher Server 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does the iFirePager service, compare to some traditional Fire Pager?

The iFirePager service does all a standard Fire Pager does, plus a lot more.

– Priority scan (selectable using a toggle switch). – The program can get 2-tone alerts, just like a traditional fire pager. Additionally, it can alert with only long tones. – Set certain times during the daytime to be alerted. By way of instance, if your Department has a channel with 3 tone alerts. You are able to select which of the alerts to be alerted on, and also what time of the day to receive alerts. You can even place another ‘beeping’ sound for each alert.

Technical: Just how does this work?

There are two parts the iFirePager service. The program that’s used on a wise device, as well as the sound uploader software.

The sound uploader software, streams audio in real time to our servers.

The tones are detected using software on our servers. The tones don’t have to be known ahead of time to be detected. The sound stream is continually analyzed, and when a tone is broadcast, the sensor decodes the tone.

Users who have subscribed to that feed, will get an alert.

From the uploader software, when the sound level received is higher then the squelch level for 3 minutes, the sound flow begins. These first 3 seconds are saved, then sent up to the server when the broadcast starts. So no part of the transmission is missing.

After the broadcast starts, the uploader software will send the audio flow, until it detects 8 minutes of silence, then the flow stops.

From the iFirePager program, in your own smartphone, you also can set up custom ‘Zoom Groups’. The feed groups are similar to radio channel banks. The feed groups hold 1 or more feeds (channels). You can create as many groups as required. Then from the program, you choose 1 of the groups to function as active group.

The stations in the selected category are scanned automatically, which means you can listen to all of the feeds from the category when in monitor mode. Among the feeds from the category could be set as priority.

If a tone is detected, an alarm will appear (beep) then the sound from the alert is performed. Alerts are always treated with priority, and will override all other feeds, such as priority feeds.

From the program, in your own smart device, all sound broadcasts you have received, can be played back. Including both alert sound, and non-alert sound.

When you respond to an alarm, your position is marked with a map, combined with the rest of the responders. Throughout the alert, you are able to communicate with another responders using text messages without leaving the map.

The sound is streamed in mono, employing the opus codec at 48kHz 16-bit (fullband). The opus codec integrates SILK which was designed specifically for voice calling, combining high quality voice sound with reduced bandwidth.

Is the alert sent following the broadcast has finished?

This is a real time program, all alerts and sound are streamed live, or as close to real time as possible.

Other similar alerting services wait until after the transmission has finished. Then they pack the audio/alert to a bundle and ship it to you. This causes unnecessary delays in getting the alert and sound.

– Our unique uploader software, live streams up the audio to our servers. The only delay, is in the streaming of sound, which is unavoidable, due to the character of the internet. The sound isn’t postponed longer than the entire loading period (typically 10 to 20 minutes ). If the streaming is reduced too much, the sound stream will cut in/out causing chunks of the sound to be missed. – Our servers decode the paging tones in real time, since the sound is received. The program is immediately alerted when the tones are detected.

The delay will change, so an specific amount can’t be awarded.

– Ordinarily, the iFirePager program will alert between 1 and 5 minutes behind real time. Example: if your pager alerts, approximately 1 to 5 minutes afterwards, your phone/device will also alert. The alerts aren’t buffered, they happen as close to real time, as the web and computer processing permit. – Typically, the sound flow starts between 8 and 20 minutes behind real time. Example: you listen to sound in your own pager/radio, approximately 8 to 20 minutes afterwards, you may hear the same sound in your phone/device. The sound stream needs to be buffered, causing the sound to be postponed proportional to the buffer size. The buffer size can be corrected by the user in the iFirePager program as required. The lower the buffer is set, the quicker the sound starts, but the more likely the sound will cut in/out. Together with the default buffer size, the sound will start approximately 15 minutes behind real time.

Imagine if I don’t know exactly what exactly our alert tones are?

You don’t have to know what the alert tones would be to utilize the service. You simply broadcast the sound, then we finish up.

– Our software, always listens to the sound flow. Over time, all the tones out of the broadcast is going to be detected and saved.

Being more than 1 department isn’t a problem. The program allows you to be a member of multiple sections.

– From the program, you can make ‘Zoom Groups’ and from the category, it is possible to place any broadcast you need, such as broadcasts from various departments.

Yes, you may use, whether it’s on behalf of the Fire Department, also with the Department consent. Otherwise, you should contact the individual in charge and ask them to employ.

Who will listen to the sound https://aaaareview.com/reverse-phone-lookup broadcasts?

The Organization who uploads the sound, has complete control over who may receive it.

– The broadcast could be made available to the public, so anyone can listen to it. – The broadcast might just be available to select group of people. – The broadcast could be made available to other Organizations, and also the associates of the other Organizations (mutual aid).

What’s the uploader software?

Utilizing our customer uploader software, each organization may broadcast audio flows. Each flow is a dedicated channel of sound. The uploader software sends the sound from the origin, to our servers.

– Every installation of the software, can upload several simultaneous streams of sound. A standard 5 Mbps internet connection can manage over 100 audio flows. – You can install the software from multiple locations, with each location sending different audio streams.

How many channels can I listen on the program?

From the program you create your own ‘Zoom Groups’ with each group holding up to 25 channels. You could create as many feed groups as you need, so there is no limit to the amount of stations you can listen to.

– It is possible to create a group with just 1 channel, or several stations, it’s up for you. – Every group will scan all of the stations in the category. Switchable from live mode, to normal mode. – Every group can have a ‘Priority’ channel (switchable on/off). – Every group could be installed with different 2-tone alerts.

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